Enter the latest luxury accessory trend. From beaded Gucci Princetown slides to floral Fendi backpacks, your stylish heart beats “Trend me!”, while the money in your wallet cries, “Don’t spend me...on THAT!”

Yes. Not all fashion is created equal. Some trends last for years and are worth investing in, and others simply stay for a season or two, slowly becoming pricey “must haves” taking up space in your closet.

Don't get us wrong: we still giddily swipe our Amex for both classic and trendy designer goodies. However, skipping out on dinners with the girls or ditching your personal trainer in the name of luxury accessories - when all you really want is a taste of this season’s multi-colored pom – seems far too big a sacrifice to make. In fact, more and more savvy fashionistas have shifted their “trend spend” away from luxury brands in favor of indulging in “of-the-moments” - without committing their Soul Cycle budgets to big ticket designer items. (Case in point: See our Patch Fedora!)

And shockingly, it’s not always about lacking Kim K. money. Wise luxury shoppers take into account the “cost per wear” when making their purchasing decisions. Things considered: How often will I use this accessory? Does it only match a particular outfit? Yes, my favorite blogger is rockin’ it, but maybe I’ll sample this style at a moderate price point before investing in the luxury version.

Of course, in the name of #keepinitreal and #hidingthatChanelundermybed, sometimes, “I love it. I can afford it. I’m gonna buy it” wins. …BUT in the meantime, here’s a little inspo.

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