Ok. Let's define "soft launch". (Not to be confused with "soft lunch", which was the result of your grade school lunch getting squished at the bottom of your backpack.) What we've learned over the past year and thensome...as we've met and prepped and laughed and cried and sometimes tried to escape to Mexico...is that in life, you're never really ready for the things you want to be ready for.


(Other examples include but are not limited to: marriage, your first baby, and Thanksgiving Dinner.)

So, as we stand in our retail mirror, still debating MANY of the details of our website outfit, we invite you into our newly expanded (#online!) walk-in closet. Feel free to peruse and note, there is plenty available #online for the Spring holidays!

We know we are not quite there yet and we're tirelessly working every day to put more and more items - you guessed it - #online. (Tirelessly? Ok fiiiine. We are exhauseted!) We TRULY appreciate your support & understanding that we are an ever-evolving, stylish work in progress, just hoping that...eventually...our accessories will match our shoes.

Tiptoe Boutique