It's been one heck of a summer. The kids. The kids were ____.


A. Lot.

Like sometimes the WHOLE day. (Is that even legal??)

While we moms (mostly) maintained our composure - and by that we mean smiled at least 2x every 7 days for 10 weeks - from errand to errand & activity to activity, it's ok to admit it. You're wiped. You're tickled pink it’s over. You're skipping in circles that the school bus comes 'round every morning to swoop your babies to a haven of intellectual pursuit. You’re starting to feel safe again. You're happy to get back to you.

But you're a bit wistful too.

'Cuz at some point over the course of this ice pop, sunscreen, late-night infused mayhem, you felt like a friggin' hero! You felt like you might even be enjoying this #parenthood thing. You felt like a real "#mom".

And even though it's a challenge to feed them, referee them, entertain them, and make them smile (aka “love you”) know this is the job you were meant to do. So tonight, as you tuck your brood into their beds, go ahead and kiss them just a second longer. Sniff their freshly washed hair. Rub their full bellies and smile an extra time today.

You. Did. It.