The warmer months of the year bring more sun and more fun…traveling with The Fam. Quick getaways, holiday weekends, and even a wedding or two will have you pulling out your luggage – and possibly your hair.


For most of us it’s really just a “four letter word” with an i-n-g shoved at the end. (Sounds a lot like dieting, right??)

The shopping (What should I buy?), the outfit editing (Did I buy too much?), and the getting it all in one suitcase (at 50 lbs. or less!), takes a lot of common sense and a bit of creativity. No one wants to schlep around more stuff than needed or arrive at your destination with crumpled clothes and/or your kid’s favorite pjs bathing in sunscreen.

So, in the name of both efficiency, and avoiding The Leak & The Smush on your next family jet set, we’ve created a Pack Need Not Be Whack Tip List. You may still lose a hair or two as you prep to hit the road - but trust us, you’re gonna feel like a traveling hero.

7” Organdy Bow, $13. (Call or email store to order.)

Choose accessories in neutral colors. Textured anklets in creamy tones, floaty shimmery bows, and basic cardigans make easy travel partners. They’re low maintenance. They stay “neutral”. And they go with everything.

(OR) Use a bright accessory to add a pop of color to your basics. You can easily repurpose and restyle your punchier bows & bands with a bunch of your outfits. Also, consider purchasing a matching pair of voluminous, colorful floral clips. You can double them up side-by-side for a full bloom look or wear just one! Who doesn’t love a multitasker??

Condor Openwork Cardigan, $59. (Call or email store to order.)

Put your shoes in your suitcase and your bows in your shoebox! A child size shoebox, or any small box with a lid, becomes the ideal storage solution for her delicate accessories that will lose their shape if packed between your hair dryer and the wet wipes. We love using smaller boxes for jewelry storage as well. 

When it comes to liquids, pastes, and gels, faith is not the answer! Using snap-and-seal bags of various sizes, will not only keep your toiletries organized, but will also protect from a run-in (run on??) with your clothes. Just remember to stash in your suitcase a few extra baggies for use later on, ‘cuz if that sunscreen decides to have a mind of it’s own, you’ll need to have some clean bags on hand for the way home.

Buy it for the trip and toss it when you are done. Yes. Try this! Run to the dollar store and buy a pack of cheap toothbrushes, some toothpaste, and a few bottles of inexpensive hair care. They aren’t the best, but they are fine for a week. All of this makes it easier to travel knowing that at the end of the trip, you can just throw them away.

Don’t let the mess add to your stress. Clean your house before you leave. After everyone and everything is in the car and ready to go, have your husband (or your wife!) drive around with the kids for 10 minutes while you stay in the house and tidy up. This won’t help with the post-trip laundry, but coming home to a semblance of organization will definitely ease one of the MOST challenging parts of vacation…




The Tiptoe Team