Embellished legwear can be downright daunting for most of us. Mixing patterns, tones, and textures (even in all black!) takes an "expert's eye" and a bagful of bravado. Luckily we know someone...just...like...that.

We called upon the gorgeous Elizabeth Savetsky - better known as the ExcessoriesExpert - to pull together some of her favorite ensem'/legwear "pairings", and in part, so we could just hang out and talk accessories. She's not only a hoot all on her own, but also fits right in with our Tiptoe crew!

“The perfect marriage of fashion-meets-function, textured tights add interest to an ensemble while providing warmth to your goosebumped gams. There’s no way around the stockings for dress-clad gals who live in cold climates, so why not have fun with this necessity? It can feel a bit intimidating to mix patterns, textures, and colors, so here is my advice: stay within the same color family or pattern family of your outfit when choosing the tights. In other words, don't start mixing a floral frock with checked legs—it could be cool, but chances are it will look messy.

Pretty Polly Vertical Blue/Black Print Tights. ($25)

An easy entry into the world of fashion hosiery is to stick with a single color and play with pattern, as I did here with the navy look. A solid navy pair would look extremely preppy with this ensemble, but the texture adds fun flair to the navy dress and navy booties for a look that could go shul-chic or daytime holiday party. There are so many gorgeous navy shoes and boots this season, and this is a great way to wear them without clashing basic black tights or freezing bare legs.

Wolford Darlene Booty Tights. Contact store at 516.374.1100 for availability and pricing.

You can also use this trend as an outside-the-box way to add glitz for an evening out. Amp up your cocktail dress by adding glittery or embellished leg-wear. An all-black look becomes much more noteworthy when you mix in a bit of sparkle. When you have glistening gams, keep the rest of the bling to a minimum and in most cases, you should avoid a dress with sequins. Adding stylish tights is also an affordable way to freshen up LBD’s of seasons past. I wore this exact black dress for my 28th birthday, but it feels equally special and relevant 3 years later when styled with these embellished Wolford stockings. Contact Tiptoe Boutique for all of your legwear needs!”

Photography by: Grant Friedman